With Analyst, always keep an eye on your website
Track different...
... with your account on
Data are compared between now and
last week at the same time to make
a better indicator.
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What's next?

Analyst is very young and incomplete.
Althought we think easier is better, we will add more functionalities to Analyst as fast as possible. All futurs features will be free for all Mac App Store users.

We are working on :
  • Multiple websites from your Google Analytics account.
  • Monthly evolution graph
  • Growl alerts, and more...
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Contact us

If you need help or if you have a question about our software do not hesitate to contact us at contact@analystapp.com. We will answer you as fast as we can!

We are very happy to receive all your comments and we will do our best to include them and make them fit into Analyst!

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Download Analyst

You can download Analyst from your mac by following this link :

All next releases will be free and pushed to you by the Mac App Store system.

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